Elena Crisan

Hypnotherapist - Wealth Mentor - Speaker - Author

We all have a magical world within each of us, this magical world the unconscious mind holds our true abilities, inner learnings, and is where our healing resources reside.

Think of your mind as a computer, a computer that has sophisticated built in programming. This computer is capable of making rapid calculations.

You are the programmer of this computer, and you control the operating system.

HELGA, through this process called hypnosis was able to access the operating system of her computer, facilitate and discover the choices
available to her, the strength of her unconscious mind, this allowed her to make the shift.

All I did is help her access her own inner resources and creativity. Sometimes we just need some help in knowing where to look. We tend
to focus on what others are doing, and forget what is happening right in front of us.

To learn about how hypnosis works you can download my book "Understanding Hypnosis" and find out how hypnosis can help you.

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My Mission

Elena Crisan's Hypnotherapy empowers you to Program your mind, Position your Life by Design not by Default, Produce Profits, Productivity & Generating Lasting Results.

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